Testimonials can make or break.


Testimonials can make or break. In the world of personal training and gyms on nearly every corner, we strive to make our gym and your experience unparalleled. Below are some of the reviews we have gotten from clients:

“I started working out with Juan at Better Bodies more than a month ago. I have Parkinson’s Disease and had some concerns about my limited range of motion and increasing stiffness. My apprehensions were completely unfounded. Immediately after my first session with Juan I was dripping sweat and feeling terrific. I now hope to continue working out at Better Bodies with Juan as long as I am able. All that’s left for me to say is thank you. It’s been an extraordinary journey so far.”
-Robert P.

“I started at Better Bodies after hip replacement surgery. Although I took physical therapy, it was not enough. I was not very stable, nor could I walk very well. I was not even able to tie my own shoes!!! I met with Justin and discussed my needs and limitations. At first I felt embarrassed about being so out of shape, but soon realized no one else noticed. They were there for their particular needs. I worked closely with my trainer and was able to achieve strength and stability…I can also tie my shoes!!! Not a very big thing unless you can’t do it!! I have recommended Better Bodies to friends, who are also achieving their potential.”
-Pat T.

“We discovered Better Bodies when looking for a place for my wife to work out after giving birth. Justin, Steve and the rest of the crew at Better Bodies really care about each client.  They work hard to bring their expertise to bear in each unique situation. Whether you’re looking to get in shape and need someone to teach you how or just need the extra accountability a trainer provides, Better Bodies is the place to go. They’re almost always running a special of some sort so make sure to ask. (I went because they were doing a “spouse comes free” special.)”
-Tim S.

“I’m totally impressed with Better Bodies. It’s a studio that focuses on personal training – no group fitness classes here. Justin is totally awesome and super knowledgeable. Their focus is truly on helping their clients meet their goals. Every business owner intends to make money, otherwise they go out of business, but Better Bodies is striving to do so by having a reputable gym with happy clients. The trainers all participate in continuing education courses, and are really up to do date on the latest and greatest in the fitness world. They also view the body holistically, and consider how everything is working together, and what each client needs to do to improve their strength, lose weight, etc. I give this place two thumbs up.”
-Amanda K.

“I started at Better Bodies after three years of hardship on my body (a tough pregnancy, being stuck under a baby nursing, running after a toddler, etc). I couldn’t touch the floor. I couldn’t squat. My whole body was mess. I bought the groupon for 8 session hoping that, as movement specialists, they could help me get back my core & flexibility. By the end of session 4, I could squat with a twenty pound weight and by the end of session 5, I could easily touch the ground. This gym is amazing; everyone is so kind and helpful, but they get the job done!”
-Sarah D.

“In 2007 while walking the Camino de Santiago in France I realized that I very much needed to work on my core muscles as on a long downhill at the end of the day, I had nothing. So, on my return, I interviewed with Justin about personal training. Since that day, I’ve been working out with his brother, Evan, who has been a miracle worker. I’m stronger, and have improved my posture immensely. When I see old friends, they comment on the change. Not everybody has to work out with a personal trainer for so long, but I’d be lying to myself if I thought I’d do the core workout on my own. The gym is small and friendly and the trainers are well schooled and first rate. I’m 75 and still going strong thanks to Evan.”
-Eileen M.

“I used to loathe gyms until I met Justin and the gang at Better Bodies. I’ve been working with Steve for several years now and Better Bodies continues to be a welcoming place to train, with great trainers and a focus that really works for me and my physical issues. High marks!”
-Ruth K.

“I appreciate BB so much. Steve Caputo is my trainer and he has been awesome. If you are considering personal training give them a call! Highly recommend!”
-Joan P.

“Great gym and super motivating knowledgeable staff!”
-Lauren H.

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