While the road to health provides daily obstacles, there are certainly times throughout the year for major hurdles, and summer is one of those times. Many people have been working diligently to get healthy since New Years Day, or maintain health they have achieved and summer presents challenges that may have yet to be faced or are regular stumbling blocks.

  • First there are the backyard pool parties and barbecues, which are necessary for summer socialization, but can be rife with many unwanted calories in the way of ┬áprocessed food, chips, sugar and alcohol.
  • Many people travel during the summer which limits access to healthy food and opportunities for maintaining our activity and exercise levels.
  • Summer can also drive stress levels up because of these challenges, added to with kids being out of school, making travel arrangements and being with friends and family away from our regular environments and schedules.

Just as with the Holidays around Christmas, planning on how you are going to include health considerations into your summer fun is imperative. I always get asked by my clients who are planning on traveling ” What should I do about exercise when I’m away?”. I recommend planning an active vacation, which isn’t a vacation that includes a lot of different activities, but one that includes physical activity like walking or hiking tours, swimming or kayaking, or maybe even a fun run. I don’t recommend gyms because I don’t know what type of equipment is available, but I do recommend daily stretching and flexibility exercises to offset the increase in sitting on planes and walking.

I also highly recommend booking accommodations that have a kitchen. Not only can you save a lot of money on eating out, but you will also be able to stick  more closely to your nutrition regimen.

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