images-3For many of us, exercise is something we do to look good, excel and an athletic activity or to lose or manage weight. For some, the goal is to feel well or increase energy. Our philosophy at Better Bodies is that the purpose of exercise is to promote and achieve health. Health can be described as being free from illness or injury, or the state of a persons’ mental or physical condition. Exercise should therefore be performed on a regular basis to keep us illness and injury free, and in good mental and physical condition. Everything else, like a certain scale weight, a dress or waist size or performing at a greater level of conditioning are consequences of exercising for health.

The next question is how much. The answer is very individual and personal, but there are published minimum amounts of activity required to keep the Human Movement System operating optimally. The CDC advises two types, aerobic- 150 minutes per week and muscle strengthening- 30 minutes at least 2 times per week. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the same, but with more specific types of exercise.

The best thing is to get, and stay active and to know your level of conditioning based on age, exercise history, what types of activity you find enjoyable and your motivation level regarding your attitude toward exercise. Working with a Fitness Professional at Better Bodies will help you with all these and more.

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Health can be defined as the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. That is pretty technical for most in our society, but I think too many people in our country define health as the absence of illness or disease. As this becomes an operational premise for people, it precludes them from being proactive about their health. Health, for Fitness Professionals, is way of life that we try to educate our clients about. In our American culture, this must be something that has to be approached to with some thought and planning. In many other cultures, healthy living is as natural as breathing. No fast food. Walking or riding a bicycle for everyday tasks. No refined sugar. Social get-togethers without food, but centered around activity.  A regular Yoga and meditation practice. Unfortunately, this is not the American way, by and large. We take these things on as we feel the need to change the direction of our health, or upon the direction of our doctor.

The problem then becomes, what type of exercise to get involved with? Which diet protocol to follow? How much activity is enough?There is a lot of information available to become healthy, and maintain health, but to prevent burnout I suggest keeping it small, consistent and achievable. Small changes in everyday behavior allows for us to make regular progression towards health. The level to which you should direct your efforts should match the ability to efficiently achieve your daily activities. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean training for a triathlon, nor does a healthy diet have to mean 12% body fat. The end game should always be-does what I do, or don’t do, promote health? Do what I eat, or not eat, promote health? The motivation is better as a positive by seeking health, rather than a negative by adopting behaviors to avoid becoming ill or getting a disease.

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Every day, people make a decision to get into better shape. The motivations vary from doctors’ recommendations to resolutions to friend envy. Yet every day, many of these people abandon their fitness goals because not knowing where to start created even more challenges than were present when they started their journey. Injury, fatigue and a program without progress quickly can dash someones’ motivation to make changes in their life. Every new client I see, regardless of age or exercise history, is faced with the same dilemma. There is an inundation of information on the internet, YouTube, Pinterest channels, magazines and books etc. on exercise that tells people that ” this is what you need” to get into shape.

As I have stated before, the goal to getting in shape is to BE healthy, and the first thing to determine is to find out what kind of health you currently have. While that sounds perfectly logical, the reality is many people do not know what this means. Getting a physical and a medical clearance could be the right course for some, or perhaps a consultation with a nutrition specialist is the right start for others. While making the decision to get healthier is admirable, and making behavioral changes to that end necessary, engaging professionals is probably the single most important thing you can do to ensure long term results. Permanent change should be one of the goals for competent health and fitness professionals, as well as one of the primary motivations for change.

I shared a post on our facebook page ( this week about a contestant on The Biggest Loser. This person says it was the most humiliating and degrading experiences of her life. While it may be hard for some to understand why someone would subject themselves to this type of commercial sensationalism, it is not difficult to empathize with her sense of desperation. Even though the claim is to have professionals surround the contestants, there obviously is a big lack of empathy and respect for another human being who is struggling.

I cannot emphasize enough the need for a competent, caring fitness professional as part of your team to help you navigate the road to health. The Trainers at Better Bodies Tucson have worked with hundreds of Tucsonans to become healthy in an achievable and respectable way. Call us at 520-318-3488 to get started.