Weight Loss Training

Weight Loss Training

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Weight loss training at Better Bodies Tucson AZ create tailor made plans as we spend time in creating need identification as per your posture. The key to success in Weight loss programs exist with the right posture analysis and Bi-weekly assessment to identify how you are moving towards that goal.

At Better bodies fitness Tucson Training, will help to lose weight, burning fat or muscle building. If we must explain the two-step process for to achieve optimum results then

1. Strength training

2. Cardio

Can be opted based on your fitness trainer’s suggestion or schedule.

As we manage all age professionals and adults who wanted to have a great body at any stage of life hence our trainers work with plans as per the need.

At Better Bodies Tucson AZ, we also assure that once you loose weight then you shouldn’t be having any issues in managing posture going forward as we have different health programs to follow once you gained shape and remain fit with us.

We have personalized fitness, healthy aging, women’s health post pregnancy and personal training programs to accommodate almost every age health group.

Fitness begins with function, which is why we use Freemotion brand fitness equipment at Better Bodies. The philosophy of Freemotion training is based on simulating basic human movement patterns to help you develop functional fitness.

Freemotion equipment replicates natural movements such as pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting to build strength, stability, balance and flexibility.

Things to remember when you are doing Weight Loss Training Programs

Our trainers at Better Bodies Tucson AZ recommend below points to remember when you pursue Weight Loss training programs/training with us

  1. Water Encompass – Do not get confused between hunger and Thrust, we have received a lot of queries when people often face this situation. A number of calories you contain within a glass of water is the most important thing you need during this weight loss program.
  1. Fibre Food – You should know the foods containing Wholegrain breakfast cereals, whole-wheat pasta, wholegrain bread and oats, barley and rye. Fruit such as berries, pears, melon and oranges. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn. Peas, beans and pulses. Fibre food is going to be a great help for feeling full which is perfect for losing weight.
  1. I am feeling full stomach – You can learn this easily by changing the bowl or plate you use before with a new small one and always say done before your tummy is completely full. In the first week, you would face the issue as your body was in habit of eating more but gradually learning this of eating in small plate/bowl and saying done before your tummy is full is a great exercise to do. 
  1.      Most favourite foods deserve a cheat day – Controlling crave for your most favourite food would increase only hunger and won’t help in concentrating on weight loss hence in a small portion you can continue having food you had a habit of eating or most favourable.                                                   
  1. A fridge without chocolate – Do not stock foods like a biscuit, chocolate, junk food and sweet drinks. Keep fruits rather than these junk foods so that in case you feel hungry during the late-night then you won’t consume unhealthy food.
  1. Fruit and veg – because of the lowest calories and fat, your day should be broadly around-consuming fruit and veg in various forms.
  1. Weekly plan – We can help you in drafting a calories plan for a week so that you can adjust days and in case of any odds as alcohol or pizza consumed then you can burn it within the week accordingly.

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About Better Bodies Tucson AZ – We are centrally located on the southeast corner of Campbell Avenue and Fort Lowell Road in Tucson for Personal training for fitness, wellness, Weight loss, personalized fitness, prenatal, post-natal, healthy ageing and ageing professionals.

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