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Weight loss training at Better Bodies Tucson AZ don’t just create tailor made plans but also we spend time in creating need identification as per your posture. The key to success in Weight loss programs exist with the right posture analysis and Bi-weekly assessment to identify how you are moving towards that goal.

At Better bodies fitness Tucson Training, will help to lose weight, burning fat or muscle building. If we must explain the two-step process for to achieve optimum results then

1. Strength training

2. Cardio

Can be opted based on your fitness trainer’s suggestion or schedule.

As we manage all age professionals and adults who wanted to have a great body at any stage of life hence our trainers work with plans as per the need.

At Better Bodies Tucson AZ, we also assure that once you loose weight then you shouldn’t be having any issues in managing posture going forward as we have different health programs to follow once you gained shape and remain fit with us.

We have personalized fitness, healthy aging, women’s health post pregnancy and personal training programs to accommodate almost every age health group.

Fitness begins with function, which is why we use Freemotion brand fitness equipment at Better Bodies. The philosophy of Freemotion training is based on simulating basic human movement patterns to help you develop functional fitness.

Freemotion equipment replicates natural movements such as pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting to build strength, stability, balance and flexibility.

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