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At Better Bodies Tucson AZ, Our nationally certified Fitness trainers who are passionate and here to help you achieve optimum health, wellness, movement specialist and longevity.  Schedule a free consultation and we'll pair you with the expertise that will bring you results.

Justin, owner of Better Bodies Tucson

Justin N. List

Owner, Personal Trainer, Movement Specialist
Certifications: N.S.C.A , I.S.S.A, FMS Level 1 & 2 TRX justin@betterbodiestucson.com

Health and fitness is my lifelong passion. It’s my mission to develop customized programs that enable individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals. There is nothing I love more than proving to my clients that they can lose weight, tone muscle, and have more endurance. It’s a great feeling to help someone succeed at something that has been difficult for them in the past. I fell in love with working out when I was 13 and my older brother took me to the gym. I started inventing exercises, and I always had a passion for it. I believe you are a direct reflection of the efforts you give. You are always moving in a direction, so make sure it is in the direction you want to go. And don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions.

What Is A Career Trainer?

The health and wellness industry has one of the highest turnover rates. As a result, positive results and goal attainment under those conditions are more difficult to come by. We didn't want anything to do with that, so we created a growth-minded and incentivized career ladder consistent with our vision for health and wellness. Always learning. Always improving. The longevity of our passionate team combined with your determination and commitment gets you the fastest results.

Steve Caputo Personal Trainer Better Bodies Tucson

Stephen Caputo CPT, FMS

Head of Education, Master Trainer
Certifications: NASM, CES, FMS 1 & 2, TRX 1 & 2 stephen@betterbodiestucson.com Born in Sierra Vista and raised in Tucson, Steve enlisted in the Navy directly after High School and served for 10 years. Following his service he used his electrical training to build a career in housing construction and over the next 28 years his body felt beat up and burnt out. After returning to Tucson from being involved in a housing boom in Vegas, he opened a remodeling business and joined a gym to offset the unhealthy condition his body was in. Steve discovered a passion for health and fitness committing 2 hours every day to working out and increasing his knowledge about nutrition and fitness. Around the beginning of the recession, Steve jumped at the opportunity to completely upshift into a career reflecting his love of health and wellness. Opting for Tucson over the east coast, his years in transforming his own health segued perfectly into becoming a certified personal trainer. His extensive knowledge in functional movement is great for those experiencing bodily pain or daily discomforts. What Steve loves most about being a personal trainer is the ability to help people who would otherwise have continued living in discomfort or pain. Favorite local restaurant: Seis
Andree Hafley prenatal and postnatal personal trainer

Andrée Hafley CPT, FMS

Movement Specialist, Personal Trainer
Certifications: N.S.C.A., FMS level 1 and 2, TRX andree@betterbodiestucson.com In college I took a nutrition course to learn how the body utilizes and breaks down fuel for energy. After that course, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fitness. Today I am blessed be a personal trainer and to work with the best trainers in the industry. Helping clients transform their bodies and their health is very rewarding. I get back more from them than they realize. What I like about Better Bodies: I like working at Better Bodies on Campbell because they create a more intimate and personal atmosphere than the big-box gyms. Seeing familiar faces every week creates a personal relationship. It’s an environment of community and friendly faces. Unlike other gyms, Better Bodies on Campbell is about hard work, progress, and goal accomplishments. Personal Quote and Words to Live By: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi Carpe’ Diem!
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Donald Gregg CPT

Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications: NASM, FMS in progress donald@betterbodiestucson.com Donald is a Tucson native and Catalina Foothills alum. He was a server before becoming a certified personal trainer, and regularly worked out at big box gyms. He remembers seeing people perform exercises incorrectly and when the opportunity presented itself, would offer feedback and suggestions. He pursued his personal trainer certification after his urge to do more was catalyzed by the positive impact his guidance had on others.  For Donald, fitness offers a coping mechanism and working out helps lead to revelations in seeing new ways forward through problems we may be facing. He currently specializes in hypertrophy (muscle growth) and strength training and aspires to merge an education in psychology and mental health into his training strategies. His experience has shown helping people meet their goals inside the studio improves their life and skills outside of the studio; and he applies this to every member he trains. Donald's favorite thing about Better Bodies is the close-knit community and intimate studio within which members train -- where everyone knows you and is rooting for your ongoing success. Favorite restaurant: Five Guys & Nico's, breakfast at Baja Café

Aaron Ross CPT

Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications: ISSA, FMS in progress aaron@betterbodiestucson.com Aarion is a Tucson native and has played many sports throughout his life. He's worked as a delivery driver for Budweiser and various other warehouses. He has a special bond with his uncle which pulled him to enjoy Denver, Colorado for a few years. In 2014 he and his uncle trained and completed the Tuff Mudder together. Aaron was the only athlete on his team that "got zapped but did not fall" in the final challenge. In 2019 he completed another in Phoenix, AZ. That time, he did fall. Aaron stays active in a men's Sunday basketball league and the occasional flag football game. Crafting custom workout regimens is something Aaron has been doing for years, which led him to shift to a career in health and wellness as a certified personal trainer. Justin and Steve are important mentors for him and he enjoys learning from their years of success in the industry. He currently specializes in designing full body circuits for overall fitness and wellness. His favorite part about Better Bodies is connecting with the different personalities of his clients and applying that to helping them reach their goals. Favorite restaurant: Tallboys

Miguel Salcido CPT

Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications: NASM, FMS in progress miguel@betterbodiestucson.com Miguel was borned and raised in Tucson and throughout his recent years, observed a health crisis around him. He has always had a passion for health and wellness and would offer suggestions to his family when he'd notice areas he could help with. Although he practiced what he preached, it wasn't until he became formally certified as a trainer and nutritional coach that he family began to consider the knowledge he had to offer. Now he's the go-to resource for friends and family who want to create better, healthier livestyles for themselves. Miguel shares that it took him awhile to establish a nutritional routine that worked for him. With so many options out there, it all comes to trial and error with figuring out what works best for you. With this he approaches his techniques and programs with an open mind. Miquel has loved his time with Better Bodies as his first personal training role. He works with a variety of clients that keep him on his toes. "Everybody is different and everybody has very specific programs to help them achieve their unique goals. I love learning about all the sides of fitness, and I love helping people feel stronger and exploring what 'stronger' means to them." During his free time he dabbles in activities that spark his creativity - writing music, going on hikes, venturing outdoors, and watching Netflix. Favorite Pizza joint: Blackjack Pizza

Your Name Here

Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications: yourname@betterbodiestucson.com Do you feel you'd be a good addition to the Better Bodies team? We are always looking to meet inspired individuals dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their goals for creating better bodies and living better lives. Feel free to drop in and introduce yourself, or send Justin a direct email: justin@betterbodiestucson.com

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