Why Exercise?

images-3For many of us, exercise is something we do to look good, excel and an athletic activity or to lose or manage weight. For some, the goal is to feel well or increase energy. Our philosophy at Better Bodies is that the purpose of exercise is to promote and achieve health. Health can be described as being free from illness or injury, or the state of a persons’ mental or physical condition. Exercise should therefore be performed on a regular basis to keep us illness and injury free, and in good mental and physical condition. Everything else, like a certain scale weight, a dress or waist size or performing at a greater level of conditioning are consequences of exercising for health.

The next question is how much. The answer is very individual and personal, but there are published minimum amounts of activity required to keep the Human Movement System operating optimally. The CDC advises two types, aerobic- 150 minutes per week and muscle strengthening- 30 minutes at least 2 times per week. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the same, but with more specific types of exercise.

The best thing is to get, and stay active and to know your level of conditioning based on age, exercise history, what types of activity you find enjoyable and your motivation level regarding your attitude toward exercise. Working with a Fitness Professional at Better Bodies will help you with all these and more.

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