What It Takes To Maintain Health

Happy Easter! While the official start of Spring was a few weeks ago, Easter is the time we generally associate with Spring and the weather changing and plants blooming. With Spring the season of rebirth, I don’t know why more people don’t decide to make lifestyle changes during this season. I often wonder at this time each, as personal trainer, who has stuck with their commitment to get healthy back on New Years’ Day? Getting healthy is such a complex and challenging thing to accomplish, but once the difficult work is done, the maintenance of health becomes routine and of prime importance.

When I have that first interview with a new client, there are so many questions, so many concerns that some people are almost talking themselves out of making a commitment already. One of my first goals with someone just starting is to have them make a daily commitment to movement and exercise. For people that have made it to Easter from New Years, they have gotten the idea down of  “having” to be active daily. They may not have the nutrition, sleep or weight down, but they are definitely committed to exercise. The research and reality prove that.

Once the connection is made to do something related to movement everyday, without any excuse, it sets the stage to maintain health in the long term. Exercising is a behavior that requires planning, mental preparedness and grit. The sooner after making a decision to get fit this process can happen, the easier everything else becomes. Good nutrition follows and supports a strong exercise program, as does sleep, stress reduction and ultimately weight reduction and maintenance.

This is the strategy at Better Bodies and the Functional Movement System we use, move well – then move often. Call us to find out how we can help you get and maintain a fitness routine. 520-318-3488