The Importance of a Healthy Environment

I have been revisiting my amazement with the “Blue Zones” this last week as I continue to search for reasons why there are so many obstacles to getting and staying healthy in our country despite the overwhelming amount evidence saying we should. If you are not familiar with the Blue Zones, they are places around the world that have been identified as places where people live healthy and to 100 years old at 10 times the rate that we do in the United States. They do this without all the stress we place on healthy lifestyles like counting calories, going on diets, abstaining from alcohol or worrying how much exercise is the right amount. There are commonalities across these societies like high activity levels and low food consumption over the year, but they don’t strategize on how to live long.

The differences I observe make me sound like something of an alarmist, but I am really more curious than anything.

  • People in the Blues zones grow their own food, and while we claim to have the safest food system in the world, at what cost does it come? We pastuerize, sterilize and irradiate almost everything you find in the grocery store, what then is the net effect on its nutritive value?
  • I don’t know if you can find many food items that do not come wrapped in plastic, and if you have ever had the occasion to drink out of a garden hose, you know that can’t be good. As the debate rages on about allowable levels of BPA, the reality is that plastic is not a natural food.
  • 10,000 steps a day, 30 minutes of cardio per day / 5 times per week and 3 – 30 minutes of resistance exercise per week, what is ideal? The truth is in the Blue Zones there is no exercise standard, they are just much more active throughout the day. They choose to walk more and stress less.

If we are going to have health, we must choose to create a healthy environment in our lives without feeling like we have to, but because that is the best way to live. This is the philosophy at Better Bodies, achieve short term success to create behavior that ensures long term adherence to a healthy life. Call us at 520-318-3488 to get started on a life changing journey today!