It Has Never Been More Difficult to Stay Healthy

Technology, stress, poor nutrition and lack of activity are so prevalent in our culture that staying healthy has become a real effort, even for the most motivated. Sometimes it seems it is more work than time allows in a day to do all the things necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that many just give in to poor habits. While this is especially true for eating, a lot of people don’t know the effects of our technology on our bodies, nor would they admit to being stressed.

When we talk of the effects of technology on the human movement system, we have to remember our bodies were designed for movement and the performance of work. When we sit for long periods of time, flex our neck to 60 degrees to interact with our hand held devices for hours on end or consistently work only one side of our body in the gym more than the other, the body compensates and develops movement impairments that have long term detrimental effects on our systems.

Relationships, social media and digital devices, careers and of course money, among others, contribute to long term stress. The effects of stress on the human body continues to be a source of research, but currently there are reams of evidence on the adverse effects on every system in our bodies. Don’t forget the physical stress of a poor diet and lack of activity has on our well being.

I think for a lot of people, unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle are a result of the amount of stress (physical and mental) that we all are under constant assault from. Obviously, alleviating as much stress as possible from ones’ life is optimal. However, the rest can be dealt with an exercise regimen and other forms of regular activity.

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