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Healthy. Custom. Simple.

What makes for a successful meal plan? Clarity and simplicity. During times of increased stress and uncertainty, the first thing to suffer is your diet.

When your body is experiencing an increase in stress hormones, you will notice changes in the foods you eat. Cravings will arise when you least expect it and before you know it, you’re self-soothing with foods that will harm you, not heal you.

We’re here to answer your questions and design a custom meal plan that will get you back on track for your better body.

Feel Great About What You Eat.

Every person has specific goals for their health and wellness. Some better bodies clients are seeking to build muscle (hypertrophy,) while others are improving their balance. Some lift increasingly heavy weights, others utilize functional movement for preventative care and rehabilitation.

Your individual goals call for a custom designed meal plan. Eliminating your confusion about food consumption can keep you moving forward toward your goals.


Want to know exactly what to eat?
Better Body
  • Goal Mapping Call (60 min)
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Monthly Milestone Calls
  • Top 10 Meal Combo Guide
  • Goal Mapping Call (60 min)
  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Monthly Milestone Calls
  • Top 10 Meal Combo Guide
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custom meal plans

No gym, no problem.

Working out at the gym or in our studio is only part of meeting your wellness goals. During self quarantine and social distancing you can still make strong progress.It's important to find ways to stay active - check out our home workout videos - but it's also about what you eat.With food limited in stores, we can help you plan meals that feed your bodies in positive ways. And spending more time at home means we can also help you food prep so that you won't have to cook for days.

What Are Your Food Goals?

Feel good about what you eat.

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