Personal Fitness Coaches certified in Functional Movement

Better Bodies Tucson is a personal training studio that specializes in functional movement and movement correction. Functional movement training focuses on your movement quality and helps to correct asymmetries and posture. All of our trainers are certified to perform a movement screen, provide analysis and prescribe appropriate corrective exercise to improve poor movement and motor control, helping you in the daily activities in your life. Better Bodies further specializes in the health and fitness needs of the active adult population. Most of our clients are 40-65 years of age, and our programs target this groups specific concerns.

Working with a personal trainer helps you maximize the effectiveness of exercise, will ensure that you’re using proper form to avoid injury, and will give you the motivation to accomplish more than you thought you could. We invite you to experience the benefits of personal training for yourself. Get a jump start on your New Years resolution with Better Bodies with the amazing deals we have on packages right now! There is no time like now to take the first step on your path to better health.

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